About Us

West Midlands 4×4 Response is a network of volunteers with 4 Wheel Drive vehicles who are willing to help out the wider community when required.



West Midlands 4×4 Response is able to provide 4×4 transport when ordinary vehicles are not able to cope with the conditions or where there is an urgent need to transport support staff in adverse weather.

During the winter of 2010/2011 we assisted West Midlands Ambulance Service and BADGER Doctors Service. WMAS with support in transporting key staff in and out of the Regional Emergency Operations Centre.

So far we have completed in excess of 280 tasks, including recovering stuck Ambulances, transporting Critical Care Doctors and Nurses to various hospitals in Redditch, Worcester, Dudley, Sandwell and Birmingham during the worst snowfall for a number of years in the area.

Earlier this year we helped Telford Community First Responders by providing vehicle support for there sponsored spinal board and patient carry to the top of the Wrekin and back.

If you are interested in volunteering with WM4x4R, featuring us in the media or offering sponsorship please visit our contact page